Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 year end review. (part1)

At the onset of 2010 I had one new years "resolution" if you want to even call it that. Really it was more like a dream that became a motto and then grow into a philosophy. That Dream was to expand. Toward the end of the year I was starting to feel like I didn't live up to that mandate, but after taking the time to gather and look at all the things I did in 2010 I feel like I was mistaking in my early assessment of my accomplishments. That in fact I have indeed expanded. While it's true I did not do all that I set out to do, I would be doing myself a great disservice to down play all that I did do.

Richmond Hood Co.
Exhibit A. Show

This one was long a time coming. I had been contacted by the owners of Richmond hood co. (a sports appeal store) to design and paint an original work almost a year earlier in 2009. Due to budget resistants the actual work was not done this year.
The show was a blast and the subject matter was just as much fun.


Art by the Ferry 2010
I was once again asked to join a lovely art festival held ever year on Staten Island called Art by the ferry.The paintings deal with the elusive nature of the spaces in between the moments.
Those half counts in between the beats. The times in between stillness and action, seduction and secrets.
In comic books the most import visual aid to storytelling is the negative spaces in between the panels.
The "gutters", as they are called in comics, is where the fulfillment of the story is found. Where the mind connects a series of separate pictures into a cohesive whole. I believe there are moments like this in real life. Moments only found in the peripheral of observation or spied at from behind the corners of consciousness.

Second Saturdays
I was asked by the always wonderful Brendan Colye and Amanda Curtis to paint a mural on the walls of their new gallery space the Astral garden.

Write up:

Van Duzer Days
Art and Music Street Closure in Staten Island
I did some live painting for this great street feast.